Monday, 8 July 2013

Bathing Beauty Foot Care

 Bathing Beauty is a brand I have discovered on twitter. They do natural organic products & after seeing Sarah from Sugarpuffish talk about some of their foot products I had to give them a try.

Pop Fabulous (£2.40) is a tablet that you place into a bowl of warm water and let it dissolve, this is full of peppermint and tea tree oil so it perfect for soaking your feet after a long day. It refreshes and cleanse the skin and the witch hazel and peach kernel oil nourish the skin. It also helps to soften the skin on your feet for exfoliation.
After giving them a good soak for half an hour I then dry them off and apply the Sock Fabulous Foot Salve. (£8.95)
This is a hard salve that is very nourishing. It contains welsh calendula oil, shea butter and organic Avocado oil, which help leave the skin soft an moisturised.
I am on my feet all day and so by the end of the day they really ache. Massaging the Foot Salve in every night has really help to revive them.

Both products I think are fab, they help revive the feet and keep them soft. I also think they are really affordable to. 

You can pick these both up from the Bathing Beauty website. 


  1. Thanks for the mention & I'm glad you enjoyed these products :)

    1. No problem hun, you always suggest such great products. x

  2. Yes It sounds good. Tea tree oil so it perfect for soaking but Alice do you know any brand of it??

    obagi nu derm starter kit

    1. I'm sorry, I am not sure what you mean? x


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