Thursday, 23 October 2014

Back Again + Current Favourites

Yes I know I said I was going to start blogging regularly and then didn't but there is an explanation. For those of you who don't know I am 17 weeks pregnant and soon after deciding I wanted to blog again morning sickness hit and I can tell you I have never felt so ill in all my life. I was signed off work for about 5 weeks and I just spent most of my time either in bed or the bathroom feeling completely sorry for myself and I actually became a bit of a hermit. (I know the sickness will be well worth it when I get my gorgeous baby in April) Luckily now I am past the 12 week part I feel back to the old me and now feel its time to get back doing what I love.
I think I might write up some pregnancy blog posts, more as a diary for me but hopefully some of you will enjoy reading too.

So thats where I have been and now on to the usual topic of all things beauty. I thought I would share some of the things I have been loving with you all.
First up is this foundation from No7, I am not usually a huge fan of No7 make up but I have always got on with their base products. The Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation is exactly what it says, a light foundation that looks very natural on the skin with a satin type finish. It evens all the skin out and can be built up to a light/medium coverage but you will need concealer on any blemishes. I have the shade Calico and is perfect for my pale skin. I definitely can see this being a repurchase.
To set my foundation in place and to touch up any shine during the day I have been using the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. I have the lightest shade 52 Vanilla and it is such a lovely finally milled powder that looks completely natural on the skin. It is perfect at keeping things matte throughout the day.

Another Bourjois product I have been impressed by is the Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara. This is one of Bourjois newest releases I believe and its fab at adding lots of length and drama to the lashes. It has quite a thin, plastic brush that makes it easy to get right to the root of the lashes.

The last item of make up is the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Starlit Black. This is a black liner with a slight silver glitter running through it which adds just something extra to your eyes. Not only is the shade gorgeous but I am so impressed with the staying power of this liner, it really doesn't budge once set. I am eyeing up new shades already.

I am not the best at describing fragrances so I won't linger on the Ralph Lauren perfume I can't get enough of. Its quite a fresh, citrus scent that lasts all day and a complete bargain at boots at the moment. (The reason I treated myself)

I have always been a huge fan of The Body Shop Body Butters and the Cocoa Butter version has been slathered onto my belly day and night for the last couple of months. I know I can't avoid stretch marks but I like to know I'm doing something that helps, plus this smells amazing and makes your skin feel so soft.

Lastly I wanted to talk about Lush. I have had an on/off relationship with Lush products for years and have recently fallen back in love. Two I have been loving is The Comforter which is a bubble bar that just smells incredible. Its quite a sweet fruity scent but it isn't sickly, I literally have to sniff it every time I walk into my room. The other product is the Butterbear Bath Bomb which is filled with cocoa butter to make your skin feel incredibly soft. Its not a strong scent this one and has more of a soothing effect.

So there is a few beauty favourites, I would love to know yours? Also if you have any recommendations on Lush products as I am little obsessed at the moment..... I am off to sniff The Comforter bubble bar now!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Are You On Depop?

If you have been a long time follower of mine you know I used to be one for having regular blog sales to help keep my make up stash from getting out of control. Well the last few months I have been using the app Depop which is selling site that is a mix between ebay and instagram.

It is such a quick and easy way to sell things and I haven't had any problems so far with selling items. There is a fee if you pay directly through depop from your paypal account and some people ask if you can pay directly from paypal to avoid that. I use both methods depending on what the buyer wants. Through august at the moment though they are not charging fees so I am going to be putting loads of things up including clothes to have a big clear out.

To follow me, my username is @brightowngirl. I have loads of high-end make up for sale as well as some clothes and accessories. If you are on there do let me know your user names in the comments below as I would love to follow some more accounts.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Handbag Shopping - Wishlist.

So I am on the hunt for a handbag but I am kind of fussy and I have what I want in mind that I can't quite find exactly. Above is a selection of handbags I have found that I really like but still am not sure.

The first bag (top right) is the Beige Frame Bag from River Island. (£40) I love everything about this bag except the colour, even if it was a slightly darker brown I think I would prefer it. It has three compartments which is the main criteria I want from a bag. It is a decent size and has a long and short strap so I can wear it in the crook of my arm or slung over my shoulder. I also like that its quite structured and smart looking.

The other tan bag (top left) is from Accssesorize, its the Double Pocket Core bag in tan (£37) and comes in a metallic and red colour too. This is the biggest out of the bags and probably my least favourite. Again it has three compartments and long and short strap.

Lastly the bag at the bottom which I have pictures of both colours is the Zara Mini City Bag with Zips. (£39.99) I didn't jump on the band wagon when the original Zara City Bag came out last year but now I want in. I love this bag in both colours, it has loads of compartments and I just love the general look of it. The only thing is, I wish it was slightly bigger. It does come in a larger size but I found this just too big. (I told you I was fussy)

All three bags I like and I think the Zara bag is the firm favourite but I am just not sure. If any of you have seen any bags similar to this then do let me know as I am still on the hunt. What is your favourite handbag?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Remember Me?

Hello, anyone remember me?
It has been quite a few months since I have posted anything on here and I wasn't sure if I was going to again to be honest. Life has changed a lot for me over the last 7 months and during my weight loss journey I changed a lot too. Unfortunately this did mean I lost my love for my blog along the way.

Well life has settled down now, life is going in the direction I want it too and with a bit of encouragement from friends and family I have decided to start blogging again. To begin with I thought I wanted to start a new blog altogether but have decided to stick with Brightowngirl as a lot of blood and sweat in this little space on the net for it all to go to waste.

So what to expect from me? Well of course I will be sticking to beauty, my love for it is no where near what it used to be but I am a woman and an ex addict so there will always be some sort of love for it. I want to go down the lifestyle route, so expect fashion, food, fitness, nutrition and everything in between. Also my partner wants to get involved with it with his input on fitness, nutrition and mens skincare. (I have actually found a man that likes skincare and nice smelling bath products as much as me, its a little worrying.)

The plan at the moment is to blog about three times a week as the posting everyday was just becoming too much like a chore and I think the pressure I was putting on myself was one of the reasons I lost interest. I am just going to stick with that for now and see how I get on.

So I hope at least one of you has missed me and glad I am back and I can't wait to get back involved in the blogging world.
Do comment below if there is anything you want me to write about, I am always happy for suggestions.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mid Week Lunch Date - OOTD


On Thursday I met up with my friend Sarah for a chit chat a quick spot of lunch and I really liked my outfit so I thought I'd share it with you guys on here.
Most of the items are new from my shopping trip in Exeter and I am loving them all. 

Top - Primark £8 (I think)
Skirt - New Look £9.99
Shoes - Primark £3
Bag - Primark (this is about a year old and I think I paid about £10 for it)
Sunglasses - Primark £2
Watch - New Look £12

As you can see I am loving a bit of primark at the moment, I did end up spending over £100 in there Saturday which I didn't think was possible. I'm well and truly kitted out until I go down another dress size. ;) shopping is becoming too much fun and my bank balance is not liking it....I sure am though.

Have you had a bit of a shopping splurge recently? 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Coconut Pancakes

Pancakes is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast but they are definitely not the most healthiest things around. I treat myself to them once a week and I have been experimenting with different ingredients to try and make them as healthy as possible.
Recently I have been trying out Coconut Flour which has a lot more protein and less carbs in it than standard flour, it is also gluten free and high in fibre.
The first thing I noticed about the flour is that it absorbs liquid a lot more than any other flour so you really don't need a lot.
To make 3 small pancakes all you need is -
25g of Coconut Flour
100ml of milk (I use Almond Milk)
1 egg.
I just whisk the ingredients together until its all combined and the mixture is smooth. Then with a small ladle pour a third of the mixture into a flat hot pan.
I use coconut oil in the pan to stop the pancake from sticking and I found that the best way to cook them is to take your time and cook them on a low heat.
The coconut flour makes the pancakes a bit crumbly and a lot more fragile than standard pancakes so handle with care.
These are really delicious and quite sweet even though they are fairly low in sugar. Plus I find they fill me up for longer too.
Nutrition -
Calories - 177
Fat - 10g
Carbs - 5.8g
Sugar - 1.8g
Protein - 10.9g
Have you tried coconut flour before? What is your favourite pancake recipe?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Go Too Make Up Look - Feb '14

Recently I have been wearing the same look most days, I am kind of in a bit of a make up rut but I am ok with that.
I thought I would share with you the items I have been wearing so you can see what some of my favourite products are at the moment. 

For my base I have been reaching for my beloved Dior BB cream, this is a light base coverage that never lets me down. Then to cover to dark circles and blemishes (well as best as I can) I use the infamous Nars Radiance Concealer, I am now on my third tube of this.
I then set my base with Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation, again another long term favourites of mine.
To add some to colour to my cheeks I have been using either Benefits Coralista or Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed.

For my eyes I can't get enough of the Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley. This is the perfect shadow for a sweep of colour over the lid and you can play it up or down. I then add a flick of the Soap & Glory Liquid Liner and use the Ellis Fass Mascara to deifne my lashes.

To finish off the look my brows are filled in with the L'Oreal Brow Artist in Blonde and I apply a little bit of the By Terry Baume De Rose Lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.

As you can see most of these products are long term favourites and I have been enjoying just grabbing them and not worrying about what make up look I am going for as this is quick and easy. 

Have you used any of these products? Do you sometimes enjoy being in a make up rut?